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About CMD

CMD is a public blockchain with independent, self-repair, built-in smart contracts that can be self-upgraded over time. spaces in CMD ecosystems can communicate, exchange, and interoperate with each other, thus promoting the robustness and high availability of node networks. CMD technology achieves seamless cross-chain interoperability between blockchains. Combined with a variety of anonymous protocols, improve the security and privacy of the entire chain of transactions.

Consensus mechanism

Dpos + POC (mining) + jackpot application reward pool, a DAPP based on distributed computing and storage encrypted communication lucky chat, 20% of the miners' CMD enters the DAPP reward pool, and the chat channel supports the CMD red packet function. Each person can create a room by mortgage a certain number of CMD, And socialize.

CMD Document

CMD documents are divided into "CMD node download", "CMD mining tutorial", "CMD mortgage and redemption tokens", "CMD join and exit ore pool", "CMD The use of ore pool", "CMD console method description" Several plates. This document can help you quickly learn and master the use skills.